Target group

All persons on board who are assigned to shipboard duties, i.e. all persons employed or engaged on a seagoing vessel other than passengers.


  • Basic Safety Training Certificate
  • Valid medical certificate of fitness


Accidents in enclosed spaces are mainly the result of lack of knowledge about the dangers of working in such spaces.

The course focusses on:

  • How to identify an enclosed space
  • What are the hazards of an enclosed space?
  • Testing the atmosphere
  • Gas measuring devises
  • Ventilation
  • Entry procedures
  • Rescue operation

The following practical modules are included in the course:

  • Entering procedures and teamwork
  • Use of PPE
  • Rescue operation

No. of Days

1 day


Php 3,385.00 which includes Reader/Hand-outs, Certificate of Completion, and Certified True Copy (CTC).

Start dates

Please refer to “Class Schedules” on our website or contact the NSTC office.


Upon completion of the course after passing a theoretical test and practical assessments a certificate of completion will be issued.

IMO ref.

Resolution A.1050(27)


No re-validation required


Bring boiler suit or old shirt and pants.

Please submit prior to the course:

1. Philippine Statistics Office (PSA) Authenticated Birth Certificate / Passport  / Any Gov’t. issued I.D.
2. One 1.5 x 1.5 latest latest colored picture with complete Name Tag
        * For Maritime Officer
            – sideboard with corresponding markings of bar on shoulder-board (with white undershirt)
        * For Maritime Non-Officer
            – with sideboard but no markings of bar on shoulder-board (with white undershirt)
        * For Non-Maritime 
            – white polo shirt with collar
3. Medical Examination Report for Seafarers / X-ray and ECG Result issued from a Medical Clinic Accredited by DOH 

Maximum number of participants per course is 24, minimum of 8 participants is required to run the course.