Target group

All persons who are taking up a seafaring career.




Seafarers are in many cases away from home for several months. During their time on board they might be tempted to look for possibilities to satisfy their sexual desires in places which are not safe and with people they don’t really know.

There are many risks to unprotected sex which can have long lasting effects not only for the person but also for his or her family if detection of any infection is noted too late. The consequences can ruin peoples life.

The course will concentrate on:

  • Knowledge of and ways to protect yourself and others to the dangers of transmitting diseases
  • Recognising if you are infected by a sexually-transmitted disease
  • Openess to ask for medical assistance and to inform your relatives

No. of Days

6 hours


Php 800.00 which includes Reader/Hand-outs, Certificate of Completion, and Certified True Copy (CTC).

Start dates

Please refer to “Class Schedules” on our website or contact the NSTC office.


Upon completion of the course after passing a theoretical test a certificate of completion will be issued.

STCW ref.


MTC ref.



No re-validation required.


Please submit prior to the course:

1. Philippine Statistics Office (PSA) Authenticated Birth Certificate / Passport  / Any Gov’t. issued I.D.
2. One 1.5 x 1.5 latest latest colored picture with complete Name Tag
        * For Maritime Officer
            – sideboard with corresponding markings of bar on shoulder-board (with white undershirt)
        * For Maritime Non-Officer
            – with sideboard but no markings of bar on shoulder-board (with white undershirt)
        * For Non-Maritime 
            – white polo shirt with collar
3. Medical Examination Report for Seafarers / X-ray and ECG Result issued from a Medical Clinic Accredited by DOH 

Maximum number of participants per course is 24, minimum of 18 participants is required to run the course.